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new Lj [22 Feb 2002|04:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well im not going to post what happened today in here, i got a new LJ _chelsey_ so add me to your friends list because its friends only.. i*ll add you back <333 hehe. today sucked! :D i got threatened to be Killed!!! whoo!!!


Ps; justin might come over and if he does im getting trashed!! well hell im going to even if he dosent come over

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43645ugh v5v6v3 [21 Feb 2002|06:31pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

why do you have to come read my mother fucking journal like it was any of your businsess or something? *ashley melanie brandon and anyone else who i dont have on my friends list... besides matt and justin<3* like i want you to read this@*~!@*~! why the fuck do you all have to rewin my life? why do i cry every day? why everytime something goes wrong, why do i want to overdose or cut or do anything to end this pathetic charade that we call *my life*? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to get out of here, i seriously am going to.. weather i have to run away or do anything else i have to im going to. im sorry. im sorry i was ever born because im just a fucking plaque to everyone and everything. YOU FUCKING PUSSY ASSHOLES, FUCK YOU. YOU HAVE TO BRING PEOPLE LIKE ME DOWN TO MAKE YOURSELVES FEEL BETTER. YES LAUGH AT ME FUCKERS, LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE!! I HATE CRYING EVERYDAY! I HATE CRYING BECAUSE I LET*YOU* DO THIS TO ME. I LET *YOU* FUCKERS BRING ME DOWN. NOW IM DOWN SO FAR I CANT GET UP AGAIN. BACK WHERE I WAS BEFORE AND HURT EVEN WORSE. i dont even know what to say i just want to die or leave i cant stand it here i cant stand you people@!~*~!*~! i hate you all!*@*!@*~**!~*~! fuck you*~!@~!@*!@~*@~!*@!~*@!~ the only people i actually get along with are all the people on Lj, so all you other people who are fucking 2faced, and say shit about me go ahead, go to school and tell everyone all this shit. hey, for all i care print it out and send it around, let everyone know how much i hate them for rewining my life and making me this way!! rewin it even more fuckers. i dare you. because "you*ll be sorry when im gone" well you know what? fuck that you wolnt. because your fucking bastards and youre all going to hell. so fuck you.

Ps; im changing my sn and prolly this too..


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*kissie* i love you justin *xoxox* [21 Feb 2002|02:39am]
[ mood | amused ]

alright. so yeah. justin keeps telling me to change my livejournal name. hmm, i*ll concider it.. i really will. yeah. ok. no. sorry, if you wanna read about my life then do it, like i give a fuck. :D obiously he does though.. ah hes a good kid, hes lookin out for me or himself ;x i think.. BOTH, mabye just him.. but anyway. speaking of that justin feller, he came over here.. he was riding his bike, and he stopped by. :D i was like SO excited to see him. i was on the fone with kelly and steph and standing out in the rain with justin. i was in pj pants and caseys lil sisters redmen shirt. Lol. and socks. thats it. and its raining and my poor feet were cold. when i saw him i just got the biggest smile on my face.. i was so happy =) it was weird.. DAMN YOU MARIE! well i like hugged him a MILLION times and i didnt want him to leave, and i was SO cold so i was just like whatever im going in you tease! lol and i went in. iunno.. we kissed, like little pecks you know? i just love that boy, i would do anything for him, i just unno whats going on with us.. we were like all kissy and saying i love you and hugging and standing in the fucking rain, but were not together.. i mean, like i care and all, but sometimes it would be a good thing to know if you can look around! LOL.. yeah i want WOODY! WHOO! lol hahahahahhahhahah stephie!! omg. xxx!! hahaha eww that girll.. lol omg we only know the story. lol.. well nothing else much happened tonite. i missed my justin, talked to steph, 3wayed woody and talked to him for an hour, spilled soup all over my sheets, couldnt find the light in my room, came online, got linked on chickenlegs from chris ((thank you!)), did some more of my page.. and thats about it. and now im talking to stacy and chris.. i need to restart aol.. its being a butt. <3

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*hahaha* [20 Feb 2002|02:42pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

omg last night i about died. Lol. from laughing SO HARD!*!~@*!~@*~! thanks kelbel and steph for callin me it was great lol. we called justin and were saying gay shit on his answeing machiine and then kelly was like please earase it because her daddy was yellin at her to get off the fone :( but me and kel called her bubbie and jason because steph had to spend quality time with kyle! haha! awweee so me and kel had fun wit our quality time Lol and then kel took a shower @ 10:30 and i went online talked to steph, then we all got back on the fone at like 11:10 and then ((lol and then and then)) we called kyle and were being gay saying i was this chick kristen and have kyle call me and we alled back like 2 minutes later and i was like is he back yet! lol it was soo funny! so then we called justin and were like *hi im cookie monster! and stephs like *hi im snuffhahahahahha lol she coudnt talk and we were just like screaming and laughing into the fone and kellys getting yelled at so we had to erase it and stephs pressing buttons trying to send it Lol. awwweeee, so kelly had to go and i went online and talked to steph, and im like shit ima call you.. so i did and we talked for like ever! omg it was the greatest thing.. i love you guys that was awsome.. i have to get a fone card me and steph talked for like 3 hours i think lol her fone was dying thats why we had to hang up Lol shes like im pissed my fones dying ahhh lol ahaha i love you guyz we*ll do that again tonite<33 well nothing else much to say except justin told me to say HI MELANIE because she reads this.. hmm nothing too important. :) oh ps: me and kelly met in the sandbox when we were little. HAH ACHOO*!~@*~! HI JASON~!@*!~@*~! lol. stephanie and me are stuck up dirty pigs! haha. no bitches can steal our insider about the road trip and steph im coming to live with you!*~!@~! lol no matter what!! im saving up money and me and kel are flying in lol!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! i love everyone lol

PS justins coming over i think*!~@*!~@ Hahhah yeyeyeyyeyey!@~!@&!~@&~!

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i miss you TLC!! [19 Feb 2002|06:00pm]
[ mood | loved ]

crazyblonde72685 (5:42:54 PM): why did u start crap w/ aaron?
Punkpanther17 (5:43:00 PM): fuck off i dont like him
crazyblonde72685 (5:43:25 PM): dont give me an attitude

Auto response from Punkpanther17 (5:43:25 PM): i gotta go pot tea~!@* =D hah bbs.
kelbel & steph call me asap.

crazyblonde72685 (5:43:42 PM): im just askin u a simple q
Punkpanther17 (5:44:40 PM): ahut up you wanna be hard ass

Auto response from crazyblonde72685 (5:44:41 PM): hey im busy. if u really need to talk to me, call me. 1-440-949-2518. love ya! bye byez!

Punkpanther17 (5:44:55 PM): shut *
Punkpanther17 (5:45:07 PM): thinkin you can teLL me "dont get an attitude with me"
Punkpanther17 (5:45:20 PM): yeah ok.
crazyblonde72685 (5:45:21 PM): yeah actualy i do
Punkpanther17 (5:45:22 PM): youre cool
crazyblonde72685 (5:45:33 PM): like ur ne better chelsey
Punkpanther17 (5:45:40 PM): i dont tell people dont get an attitude with me
crazyblonde72685 (5:45:52 PM): yeah and ur point is??
crazyblonde72685 (5:45:53 PM): ur not me
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:03 PM): i was just asking u a simple question
Punkpanther17 (5:46:05 PM): i said something to aaron because he accused me of doing something i didnt do
Punkpanther17 (5:46:14 PM): so fuck you its none of your business anyway
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:15 PM): i didnt mean to get a snotty remark for iy
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:16 PM): it**
Punkpanther17 (5:46:16 PM): bow wow
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:37 PM): yeah i know he accused u of something
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:45 PM): i told him it wasnt u and that it was casey
crazyblonde72685 (5:46:48 PM): thanks
crazyblonde72685 (5:47:30 PM): and u know what i really dont care what u call me cuz i know look ten times better than u do.
crazyblonde72685 (5:47:35 PM): so dont talk
Punkpanther17 (5:47:59 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHaHAHA i could care less what you think/know
Punkpanther17 (5:48:08 PM): my best friend is sittin here laughin her ass off at you
Punkpanther17 (5:48:19 PM): she said youre incredably ghetto wannabe and immature
crazyblonde72685 (5:48:44 PM): i am not a ghetto wannabe. i am more ghetti than u will ever be.
crazyblonde72685 (5:48:50 PM): and i am not the immature one
crazyblonde72685 (5:49:05 PM): i dont go around everywhere cting like im 5 years old
crazyblonde72685 (5:49:11 PM): acting***
Punkpanther17 (5:49:17 PM): i dont act like im 5
crazyblonde72685 (5:49:22 PM): yeah right
Punkpanther17 (5:49:29 PM): i act like im 10.
crazyblonde72685 (5:49:42 PM): whatever. same difference
crazyblonde72685 (5:49:59 PM): its still immature to acy that way when u are how old? 14? 15?
Punkpanther17 (5:50:26 PM): gunna be 16
Punkpanther17 (5:50:32 PM): bitch craig acts worse than i do
Punkpanther17 (5:50:36 PM): im just the way i am
Punkpanther17 (5:50:47 PM): sorry if im not ghetto and all serious like you like ima pop a cap in a niggaz ass tonite
Punkpanther17 (5:51:00 PM): -l8er-
crazyblonde72685 (5:51:07 PM): whatever
crazyblonde72685 (5:51:39 PM): craig doesnt act worse than u biotch
crazyblonde72685 (5:52:12 PM): he is way more mature than u and he will always be more mature than u
Punkpanther17 (5:52:50 PM): can you read motherfucker? Ok. craig is only mature because he prays all the time, other wise hes crazy as shit, like myself.. and i said later, meaning i didnt want to talk to your pig ass.
Punkpanther17 (5:52:52 PM): bye
crazyblonde72685 (5:53:15 PM): whatever chelsey
crazyblonde72685 (5:53:23 PM): he is not mature only when he prays
Punkpanther17 (5:54:11 PM): i said bye slam pig
crazyblonde72685 (5:54:29 PM): hes always mature. just sometiwhatever biotch
Punkpanther17 (5:54:34 PM): craig is a crazy kid, hes awsome, hes frickin hillarious
Punkpanther17 (5:54:39 PM): say bitch you stupid fuck
Punkpanther17 (5:54:41 PM): bye
crazyblonde72685 (5:54:51 PM): sorry im not a f*ckin beliemic biotch like u
crazyblonde72685 (5:54:57 PM): fuck u
Punkpanther17 (5:55:17 PM): im not bulimic, dont EVER fucking say that, my BEST friend almost fucking died because she was. so fuck off you stupid mother fucker
Previous message was not received by crazyblonde72685 because of error (5:55:24 PM): User crazyblonde72685 is not available.

trashy motherfuck ((aka amandas cousin crazyblondefag)) keeps iming me and calling me immature. well justin was going to come over.. HE REALLY WAS~!@* and my mom said no, because i*ve been being a brat all day. grrr... i hate parents. she said he could prolly come over tomarro because just me and my dad will be here. :) i feel sick anyway today. i slept till like 2:30 and then came online. didnt do much else. my mom cleared the boxes out of the dining room so it looks neato, and the office and rec room downstairs is slowly coming together.. YEY~!@* my cousins bday party is sunday, im going to ask justin if he wants to go. :) mabye. Lol. Haha kelbel is so cute, shes like hold on this annoying girl is on and she puts on her away message: *Auto response from BaByBLueEyeZ642 (6:02:33 PM): some people online are so freakin annoying i cant even stand it ill bbl* haha kelly youre sooo cute sometimes Lol im going to do that. Haha. i love rock and roll so put another dime in the jukebox baby. ow. i love rock and roll. Lol. im listing to that song. i luv it.. its the cover by britney.. well me and niki are almost done with my journal~!@* LOL.. well NIKI is. haha. thanks for talkin to me last night nik, i really needed to tell someone about that. :-] arghhh i wanna talk to *my unicorn* Matt. lol. i dont know where he is :/ arghhh.. well justins going to call me later or somethin.. i hope dan comes over, because im bored and i really wanna do something, mabye me and him can play video games.. :) whoo and i can win again~!@* well im going to go.. Love youz!! esp (( stacy my girlie!!! kelbel my sis + bffl!!! janine my im Twin ((love u the most))!!!! steph ((my big sis & bffl))!! jenna my dorkle!!! and nikibunz<3 my late night chat friend Lol<33 love ya guys!!! and ambey my new friend! lol

<33333 chelbel

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just a bunch of useless crap [19 Feb 2002|03:18am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Name: Chelsey
Do you like your name?: yeah i do lol
Age: 15
Do you wish you were older?: yes
Height: 5'0
Do you wish you were taller?: no i wish i was shorter.
Do you think you're fat?: somewhere imbetween..
Do you think you're too skinny?: i wish.. i used to..
Birthday: november 3, 1986
Do you like your birthday?: yes
Eye color: bluish grey
Hair color: reddish brown.. its getting dyed blond
Do you like the way you look?: NO NO NO NO NO!!
What would you change about your looks?: my hair would be blond an di wouldnt look like me*!~@*!~@
Hometown: Turtle Creek, Pa
Current residence: Parma, Ohio~!@*
School: Parma Seinor High School
Is your school nice?: umm yes but not the people in it lol
Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: umm not really :/ i said mabye.
Favorite colors: pink and black
Where do you see yourself in ten years?: married, being a teacher, lotsa babies<3 Lol
What is your biggest fear?: losing someone close to me.. being alone
Do you believe in love at first sight?: not anymore...
Favorite basketball team band: MINE MOTHER FUCKER~!@* haha.. we dont play at bball games tho.. lol only football
Do you like to go to the mall?: only once in awhile.
Boxers or Briefs?: boxers
If you were stuck on an island, who would you wanna be stuck with?: Janine, jenna, steph, justin, dan, casey or niki~!@* LOL CASEY REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE GUNNA BLOW UP THE SUN AND LIVE IN OUR BIG ASS HOUSE WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE! HAHAH!!
Do you want to get married?: yeah
Do you want to have kids?: yes and lots of them
Favorite cartoon character: Daria or Jane.. Quinn is a tripp too
Favorite TV show: 7th heaven, thanks to casey. Real World Road Rules battle of the season, Real World, Road Rules, Daria..
Are you afraid to die?: not really
What's your screen name?: punkpanther17
Do you live at home?: yes
Do you like where you live?: yes i just moved~!@* now i live by all the fun stuff.
Dream car: Volkswagon Beetle.. a gold one like Taras mum.
If you could change your name, what would it be?: elka, quinn, imojen, chasity, juliet, jennie, stacy, britney Lol
Favorite restaurant: The Cooker :)<3 mmm
What do you want to be when you grow up?: a doctor i think.. or a teacher.. a doctor is a new devlopment
Have you ever been on TV?: yes

What do you want to do?: be a doctor and a mom
Where are you going to school next year?: Valley Forge i think.. i dont know i*ll tell you next year.
When do you think you'll die?: whenever my mom calls my aunt and gets me an appointment
Would you ever dye your hair?: yea
Hanson or Marilyn Manson?: Marilyn Manson
Do you like McDonalds or Burger King?: buger king
Do you think long distance relationships work?: yes, it just depends how much they love eachother
What is the most messed up thing anyone has done to you?: called me the overdose girl my frist day back after i tried to commit suicide
Dancing or singing?: both
Weirdest moment?: when johnny called me....
Do you take bubble baths?: YES
Do you sing in the shower?: yes i do
Who is the loudest person you know?: me duh. and candice. lol
Who is the most quiet person you know?: tara when she wants to be. and justin too<3
What is your "Happy Place"?: the tree in my old front yard.. :'( and my old woods...
What is your favorite thing to do when you are not online?: hang out with friends
Who do you wish wanted to date you?: Hmmm i dont know. Mike Herrera. Lol.
Is this survey a pain in the ass?: no, if it was that much of a pain in the ass, I wouldn't be filling it out.
Best friend?: Stephie, Jenna, Janine, Lacy, Erin & Casey even tho were bein weird l8ly..
Worst enemy?: tanya ewww

Ever been in love? yes
Are you in love now?: yes
Single?: yes sorta i could be taken at any time i just need to say yes and im taken
Do you have a crush?: yes
Does someone have a secret crush on you?: i hope ;X
Perfect date: with whom?

What's on the tv?: your mom.
What time is it?: 3:47 am
Eating anything?: no
Are you tired?: yes
What are you wearing?: green swosshie pants and my black roxy shirt..

me and niki are talking about kisses and being dorks. Heh. she got me started on tonio... lsdkhfsdlkthaf;sdlfh;sodi cweoirho~!@*~!@*~!@*!~#@*!@# !@*#*!@<434439343483483284333333333333333333333333333333333333333 lol.. its almost 4 am.. whoo.. Lol.. mabye dan will come wake me up again. hehe. im listing to me and jeffs song.. back at one.. geeze.. yeahhhhhh one youre like a dream come true, 2 just wanna be with you 3 girl irs plain to see that youre the only one for me and four repeat steps 1-3 5 make you fall in love with me, if ever i belive my work is done i*ll start back at one<333 ahhhh.. anyway. its late. yeah. i dont have anything to say except i downloaded psp~!@* my icon skills have just gotten better!~@*!~@* so if ne1 wants an icon, tell me and i*ll hook ya up. well i*ll catch ya on the flip side, im talking to my nikibunz!~@*<3
i love you!!
((esp my twin janine, my big sis steph, stacy i love you~!@*@~!*~!@* my dorkle jenna & my baba nikibunzz~!@*<3 and my case face ))

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:) [18 Feb 2002|10:45pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I SAW CROSSROADS! I SAW CROSSROADS!~@**!~@*!~@*~**~!*~!*@~! ohmigosh i love that movie<3333 its so cute~!@* i went to valley view with sarah and amanda (( its this big ass movie theater, 27 theaters?? )) i think thats the cutest movie.. well i guess justins not coming over LOL its 10:48... hahaha.. oh well, he called i think :/ i called him and he didnt pick up so oh well. anyway. im suspended tomarro yey~!@* Lol im SO glad i dont have to go to school. then again im not, because were acting out romeo and juliet and i really wanted to. :( im listining to the old britney cd. haha its great<3 my momma said we could go get the new one.. mabye i*ll go tomarrow and get it from target or something, their cds are like 13 bucks... if i went to the mall it would be 15 or 20.. :) "from the bottom of my broken heart, theres just a thing or two i*d like you to know.... you were my first love, you were my true love, from the first kisses to the very last rose.... from the bottom of my broken heart, even tho time will find me somebody new, you were my true love, you were real love, i never knew love till i found you.." hmm wonder who thats to.. =] how come nobody makes smilies like this [= ???????????????? wouldnt that be more logical??? i havent talked to casey ALL day.. i think i asked her when i said something on her profile but she said it was just %n thing so i was like Okee... well anyway, theres nothing else much to say.. I wanna go on a roadtrip~!@* me and steph are going to in her lexus right? Lol OLD joke*~!@*~!@ and me and jenna are going to go on a trip and pick up EVERYONE from LJ and have a big sleepover party and roadtrip<3 Heheh.. i love you guys<33 (( esp: my twin/best friend Janine & my dorkle Jenna~!@*!@*!~<33)) g'night
*chelsey lorraine*

oh, my journal looks kinda weird, because nikis doing my journal so its gunna look a lil weird for awhile.. Lol.. <3 OH COULD ANYONE HELP ME WITH A MOVING ICON?!?! AHHH lOL idownloaded psp and i dont know what to do~!@

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wrestling is fun with a football player!!! [18 Feb 2002|02:41pm]
[ mood | calm ]

dan just left.. we were like wrestling lol. he beat me :( we didnt wrestle good, because it was like half on my bed half on the floor Lol it was SO funny. hes so adorable<3 i think he has a gf tho, i wouldnt be suprised, because he dosent put any moves on me realy, and his profile says i love jenny and he said jenny would never do the stuff i do with him, so you never know.. well justins coming over today.. dan has to go to his dentist thing, hes coming over later.. and justins going to be here. :/ erfff yeah. well me and justin need to talk. i DOUBT hes coming over. he always lies and says hes gunna.. and he dosent. whatever, im talking to steph and jenna so later<3
i love janine my im twin!@*~*@!~* <33 bffl~!@*

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im bored [18 Feb 2002|01:38pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

well i was asleep till dan came over lol he woke me up. hes over noww.... just thought i should say that.

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[17 Feb 2002|11:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ahhh!~@* i was SUPPOSED to go see crossroads with casey but nooo shes TIRED so whatever and she wasnt too tired to ask amanda to come over, but she cant ask me. OK whatever i dont need u guys to have fun, go have fun with eachother and drool over aaron neece that jesus loving fuck. they keep IMing me going i wanna fuck a dog in the ass har har har. ok what are you 9? i blocked them to not start any shit because my day was fuckin awsome. anyway. i was going to go sleepover leahs house because she asked me to all weekend and i was just bored and i didnt feel like doing anything so i told her i would. so i was going to go over at 7 and i just didnt feel like going anywhere i just felt like crying (( feeling depressed for some reason hmm i know why!! ****** )) so i kept ccalling her to tell her i didnt wanna come over because i felt like shit but i figured if i did go over i would feel better... so i was TRYING to get dressed and tough enough was on so im like standing in the middle of my room holding a shirt and watching tv.. the next thing i know my dad comes in and hes like dans here so im like omg and i hurry and get ready.. put on a shirt and pants, and hes like do you wanna go see monsters inc with me? and im like YEAH*!~@* even tho i already saw it.. it was still cute<33 so after the movie (( johnny was working and he saw me with dan hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha )) we went to get pop and i bought a 7 up and then we went to clark and i stayed in the car and sang weezer and he came back with 4 things of pop for his dad Lol and we sang say it aint so on the way home and it was AWSOME, i mean when i was with johnny in the car i would sit there all quiet and be like .............. LOL but with dan im all singing and yelling and head bangin and having SO much fun. its so AWSOME i found someone i can finally act like ME around!*@*!~*@~! and hes so much like me too!~@*~!@*!~ ahhh so anyway. we pulled up in his driveway and hes like youre coming over lol so we were watching 007 and i had already seen it so he put on pearl harbor because i REALLY wanted to see it<333 so we watched it for like an hour and a half and we got so bored, we were just sitting there flirting not even watching the movie by then, so then i just said lets play foosball.. so we did and i won.. BWHAHAH*@*!~@ then we played mario kart and i won a bunch of times~!@*!~@* i knew i*d finally beat him*!@*!~@*~* WHOO. so then my mom called and made me come home :[ but its all good, he went online and talked to me :P awhieezz, hes going skiiing tomarrow<3 whoo. justins coming over tomarrow i think.. well he keeps sayinf hes going to and hes gunna.. well whatever he always lies. i dont have my hopes up at all, concidering i dont wanna get too attached to him because of the shit that has gone on and the stuff that was said last night by him, i DONT wanna be the one saying it because it would hurt if he didnt feel the same so umm yeah. i promised him i wouldnt put up here what he said. well theres nothing much else to say.. im talking to my IM twin JANINE~!@* whooo baby!*@ hehe :) youre awsome girl<33 gawd, sometimes i think my TRUE friends are only from LJ. Lol.. i mean like the only people i really really talk to are Steph and Janine.. and KelBel but i havent because she got back from her cruise and you know shes busy and tired... everyone here is my friend or whatever but i dont think they are like so close with me... yanno?? whatever. atleast i have dan. :)

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just a lil update [17 Feb 2002|02:13pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

sweet. i actually i would prolly end up being the killer. i want to know how to make quizzes and i want to know how to make my own Community. hmmmm :) well today im going to go see crossroads with casey and amanda i think hehe i hope we go, because i really wanna see it!! ahh i had fun with the neighbor yesterday hes sooo cute + funny + nice whooo baby*!@*!~@ my computers laggin ahhhh help me, im going to restart this when im done typing this then gim oing to call casey<3 i need to see whats goin on today. well justin asked me baxk out and i said mabye i need somet time you know? because i mean look how bad he hut me, he calls girl s while are going out i mena its a girl who likes him come on nwo thats not freekin cool and he was saying yesterday how i mean so much to him and how he loves me so much and how i am the best thing in his life and he loves me and all this really sweet stuff and im soo happy he loves me because i love him too but you know its just hard... i dont know what to do with that boy any longer its crazy. oh well my computers laggin so im going.. its real bad.. img oing to change the layout i think.. hehe byez

<333 chelsey

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MY BALLS YOUR CHIN [16 Feb 2002|08:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]

ok so it was around 4 and i was SO bored and i was goinmg to go swimming downtown with amanda. my mom said i couldnt chill with leah tonite, she wanted me home. but my dad came in my room and was like, dans here, he wants to talk to ya. im like screaming DAD I LOOK LIKE CRAP WHAT THE HELL!! lol and dan heard me and i was SOOOO giggly when i was talking to him and im like mom go away! lol well i showed him the basement and my room, then we went to his house. hes so fuking hot. :) we played mario kart and he kicked my ass, then he went online so he could put my sns on his buddy list. :) ahhh i hope he comes on later, mabye we could like hang out. :D ahh. i doubt he will come on though. after that we played foosball and went in his room and checked out his balls. lol his baseballs. i thought that was cool because i play softball. :))))))) so then he gave me these valentines he was saving.. and they said "i like it rrrruff" with a lil dog, "lets heat it up" with a lopster in a pot, "you have a sweet ass" with an ass on it lol, and lets get hot n heavy with stephies favorite a HIPPO on it!!~@(~!@ we ended up going to the MaLL and i bought a new cd, from hot topic, and a pin "kiss me im emo" and another pin with a bunny and it says "hi loser" haha i want more! he tried on pants and bought a pair<33 lol they were cute. so then i wanted fries and could only get a small because i spent like ALL my money and he gave me 2 bucks and i didnt even ask for it!@*!~@*~!@ im like awwww thank you<3 :) so i got a super sized fry and i just finnished it. then he drove me home.. and he made me listen to this song called my balls your chin.. i didnt get it!! and hes like its talknig about blow jobs. Lol i was laughing so hard i was like omg im going to die now lol.. hes really nice i like him a lot im very attracted to him and he called me pretty<3 ahh so who knows what will happpen :] Oh and he LOVES punk, and he looks just like mike hererra!*@*~!* ahhh hes fucking adorable<3 OMG*~!@*@*!~ and he likes to pretend to be ghetto like me!!! LOL like jokin with friends you know? Ahhh

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YAY!*!*@~!@ [16 Feb 2002|01:56pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


01. name: Chelsey
02. d.o.b.: November 3, 1986
03. location: Parma, Ohio
04. religion: i dont really have one..
05. occupation: Freshman!


01. hair: medium, curlyish/straitish redish brown lol
02. eyes: grey blue
03. height: 5'0
04. weight: hmmm well i think 99
05. figure: im tiny!


01. clothing: hot topic!
02. music: anything really
03. makeup: when i have a zit i use foundation but otherwise i use mascara, turtle pink eyeshaddow, eye liner *black*, n lip gloss
04. body art: nope, i want a tattoo though.


01. wearing: my playboy athletics shirt and oldnavy pj pants
02. listening to: the real world
03. thinking of: dan<333 oh and uh going to see crossroads or going to play lazer tag..
04. feeling: my back hurts


01. bought: lunch
02. did: Casey
03. ate & drank: water and a ho ho
04. read: romeo and juliet
05. watched on tv: the real world


01. kill: tanya ewwww
02. shag: dan<3 wooo baby!
03. slap: tanya
04. hear from: Casey
05. get really wasted with: Kayla or Amanda or Casey
06. tickle: Justin
07. look like: Britney<3
08. be like: me


01. food: salad
02. drink: pepsi
03. color: pink
04. album: Jimmy Eat World + bleed america
05. shoes: my chuck taylors
06. site: livejournal
07. dance: I LOVE DANCING!~@*!~@*~!
08. song: umm i dont know... prolly youth of the nation by pod
09. vegetable: corn!
10. fruit: strawberries

Which Bring It On! Character Are You? by savesthegirl

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hell yeah!!! :) leah asked me to go shoot pool with her so im going to. :) then her moms going to pick us up and take us to her house<3 whoopte!! lol im so excited im doing something. lets just home mother dearest is in a good mood.. i just wont be on the computer when she gets home, she*ll be happy. lol.. i think she*ll let me go.. shes kinda pissed about yesterday, but not at me, at the school. but whatever, i dont care. :) thanks for all of you who repliied oN my last post<333 thats what hapened yesterday so if youre bored, go read that too. Lol.. love you'z!! im going to go take a bath again i think. i took one for 5 minutes yesterday. it was to hot.

aww leah is such a sweetie look at what she made me and jus..

well, yeah.. ummm bye.

<333 chelz~*<33
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haha funny yet bad.. [16 Feb 2002|08:12am]
[ mood | hungry ]

well yesterday i came home and took a nap thats why i didnt post this yesterday.

i had to go to my psychie so i went there and we talked till 9. then i went to school and went to math class. :-P we took a quiz i think i did really good on and if i didnt i only prolly got one wrong. :) i love math in the morning. anway fourth was boring, we ate, thats about it.. fifth, i wrote on a desk because someone wrote Chelseys a Bitch and Chelseys Ugly so i wrote thanks harr harr <3 chelsey and i got in trouble so shes like sit here and it was in the front and im like No and shes like no? im lik yeah no. so shes like ok sit here or in the hall and im like Ok the halls good! lol i hate that class. so i wrote candice and i had to go back in. and i didnt do anything, i talked to jim and brittany. :P anyway. sixth period we did weights again and whoo!! lol i feel buff today!! we did all these sit ups too. 60 :) hahah whoo. i love it. so im gunna get a big 6 pack. Lol. tuff me. so then ahhh we went to english 7th period. we were doing a project and mr duck comes in and takes me to the MAIN office.. this is a BIG deal. so the principal blaah blah suspended me till friday.. because we dont have school on monday... well i dont care, neither do my parents, because i just helped candice thats why IM suspended. well i went to biology because the bell rang and shit. oh yeah, they said that they had to file a theft report?? i was like ok whatever i really dont care lol, candice was all crying and stuff because her dad was going to beat her... and she kept saying that... so i really did help her out, she got 1 day and i got 3 when it should have been the other way around. :) shes been my best friend i would do nething for her. i really dont care. :P well eight we watched a movie and i told everyone im suspended and well thats about it!!! and i couldnt find katie to walk home with and justins like im going to my uncles house so im like ok justin fuck you and hes like are you mad and im like nooo you just promised me you would walk me home and you lied again!! you promised 2ce!!! what the fuck. so oh well, whatever.. so i walked with bryan and his dad was there so i had to walk but he asked if his dad would take me to my street and he did :) so i was at ridge & crossed and guess who pulled up right behind me.. DAN*~!@*~! so he got out of the car and was like HI!!! and im like hey and hes like youre my new neighbor right? and im like yep. and hes like omg i came over to talk to you yesterday and no1 answered the door! im like oh i heard the bell, but i thought it was my parents being dumb and hes like ohhhh lol and i said bye and walked into my house :):):):):) hes SOOOOOOO DAMN CUTE~!@*~!@!~@*!@*!~@*~!@ ahhh like we were real upclose hes adorable!! his friend was with him and his friend looks like anthony watkins!!! hahah a cuter one though, hes tall not short and chubby like anthony but i think thats what makes anthony soooo cute is because hes short and chubby lol. so i came home, and told my mom about the suspending thing and i got in the bath because my principal called.... so oh well. i went to bed and she came in thismorning at like 5 and was like umm are u ok? im like im fine and we just talked, shes not mad, shes thinks its great i would do something like that for your friend. so i guess shes okay with it. she told me justin called.. hes on his way to Virginia right now.. :-P Thats about all.. hopefully i*ll see dan today. im going with casey and amanda to see crossroads today i think.. YEY!!!<333 well im going.. bye bye.

ps: kristin hasnt heard of the brady bunch!!

*chelsey lorraine*

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whooooooo [14 Feb 2002|04:10pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

today was a long day. the cable guys are here now! im getting cable in my room~!~@* whoo! ive never had cable in here, so im going to have cable when justin gets here! lol hes coming over around 6 or so. :) YAY. im SO excited. well anyway.

first period candice and katie convinced me to skip and go to the computer lab with them. i was like are u sure mr gouls never comes in here? are u sure!? and they are like yeah and guess what. HE DID!~@!*@~*~! he saw me so he was walking all of them to study hall and was like come on chelsey and im Like ok :P so i snuck away and went to band, No1 was in there.. THANK GOD so i went to the office and i told the lady *she likes me lol* and shes like ok well you can stay in here just do some work! so i wrote justin and did some social studies shit. :D yey. so i did that & i saw justin up there :) so i talked to him and stuff. you know, the same old shit. so the bell rang and i went to class, ate some sour patch kids, worked, talked to leah and angel, wrote angel this long ass thing and then went to Math. we ate all my animal crackers lol and i went on the computer and i fucked up my Lj how i had it and i LOVED the picture of brit i had as the BG and i cant find it but i like this one too hehe. oh well anywhoo. lunch was fun i ate pizza and fries.. then health i came in late because i was with justin, then we listened to the lady lecture and i fell asleep :/ and jim woke me up and i put my head on his sholder and was still sleepy :) so then the bell rang and we went to team sports and i didnt dress but all we did was like play with the balls and do whatever it didnt matter.. lol.. i yelled at tanya and shes like people wolnt stop fucking with me and its my dead great grandfathers bday!! omg i was like i dont care, layoff justin and your lies your bitch. i dont care if its your bday im still going to hate you!*@*~!@*~! LOL then i talked to kim and sheila about havin sex lol.. HAH ffunny times girls *THIS BIG* whooo baby!~@*!~@*!~ LOL english we learned next week we are acting out romeo and juliet.. FUCK YEAH!! mrs Z said i was very good at shakesphere & she could tell i liked it :) im happy*~!@*!~@*!~@* yay@!~@*!@ i wanna do the part where juliet sticks the gun to her head and then to the preists and yells.. heheheheheh. that would rule. so i had to take a quiz and i took it and passed WHOO!~@*~!@ and i talked to justin, then i came In, and asked to go to my locker.. hahaha. becayse justin was out there. and she said yea just stay away from justin. i was like ok i can do that but i cant guarentee he will stay away from me~!@ haha so we talked and then i went in. :) after that, the bell rang and justin left to go to his dentist appointment and i went to biology. we didnt do much. i hate that class. ive always hated science. omg why does everyone like it!? our teacher gave leah an F and now her mom wolnt let her go get her temps. :[ sorry babe. well alicia was like i hate boys and bryan called her a lesbian*@*!~ HAHHAH!~@H~H!@&*!~@*~!@*~!@NHAHH~!@#*~!#*@~!H#JKB>KBL~!HF#O*&~T#@JB# YT@#DO gag*!@*~!@ hahaha omg i was laughing SO fuckin hard it was soooo hillarious, this short faat kid called her a dyke. OMG i was about to die. so then i was telling bryan im walking home with him and Katie walks the same way, so she asked me to walk with her. so i did. we saw tanya and she ran the other way. so we got to my street and i walked home and when i got to ridge i could cross i didnt have to wait 20 minutes!@!~@*~!@ yay. so i got home and my dad was there so i didnt have to strugge with this shitty door again!*~@! :P and it was 3:05 when i walked in. WOW. lol. i ususally got home at 4:05 at the old house. damn. hehe. well im cleaning up and eating and making food because justins coming over when hes back from circut city, im going to call him in an hour because its 5:30 and he should be home by then i think ;] im way excited<333 ahhh oh well.. im going. i guess me and amanda are good now? i hope/think... caseys at the doctors.. stephs pissed at me or something because kyles not talking to her he said its cuz of me and ALL i did was tell him that he would be mad if she had 4 boys sleep over her house. because he asked me if she was mad and thats what i said. i didnt mean to hurt steph, i didnt think he would care. im so upset ;[ i feel like crap. im trying to lok on the brighter side.. Oh yeah, i found an office report from me not going to band sitting on the desk in the office when i went to get a pen. so i took it and threw it in my bookbag. HAH
<333 kiki

PS: it digital cable!!


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my day! [13 Feb 2002|07:08pm]
[ mood | loved ]

YEY!*@*~!@*~!@*~!* NIKI IS DOING MY LJ!! i love it. thanks hunni!@*~!<333 mad<3

well i went to school today. i got out of bed at 7 and was at school around 7:30. i looked like crap, i was running around the house in my undeewear for like 10 minutes trying to find pants. i WASNT going to school unless i found pants. i found some :) my favorites too. so i wore justins favorite shirt, and he didnt go to school!!!!

well first period i got out of band, thank you god!! and i made up a math quiz. :) i actually understood it. im SO proud of myself. its great to actually pay attention and understand. its SO much easier to do math 1* than 8*th. well TLC made our classes different this week, and i LOVE it! they made our 7th period class during 2nd and our 8th during 3rd.. then our 2nd during 7th and our 3rd during 8th! i love it. it so much easier having math early. but then again i dont like seeing tanyas nasty face in first and second period. HaHa.

So In 2nd period which this week is History, i talked to leah and angel the whole time, thats about it. and i did a few things on the worksheet. :) 3rd was math, and it was a lot easier in the morning. Plus, we got to fuck around all period anyway because we were the teachers and me and tara were in a group and we wrote all over the overhead *tara loves lumpy turds* and chelsey loves old farts! lol it was SO funny, i was like rolling on the ground. were so fucking immature tara. I LOVE IT!!! hah. well then i went to lunch and ate fries and salad and more fries and pizza Lol!! and candice bought a friend *which is fruitopia* and we drank those... we threw cheeze on sam becuse he likes me and i was teasing him, then i threw some of my frutopia on him. we were all cracking up. hes so cute.

then i was walking with joey down the hall and i went to health, well kinda, i saw liliya and she made me go with ehr to get flowers for people for tomarrow, and we were walkning back upstairs and this stupid mother fucker hall moniter made us go to class with her, i was like omg im not fucking cutting ya dumb whore. it was SOOOO funny i was like running away and she held liliyas arm and liliyas like dont leave me lol so i couldnt leave Lol. so i went to health and we were watching a move i watched in gym, so i knew all the answers on the work sheet. :D i talked to marquis and Jim the whole time, and i bent down to get a pencil and my boobs were showing i guess cuz they were like nice rack im Like ahhhh!!! lol..

6th period Team Sports! whoo baby! i love this class. well i didnt have my gym clothes, and since i moved thats a good excuse. lol. plus we had a sub anyway. so i changed into my OLD gym clothes and realized.... i have my period. arghhH!!!!@*!~*@*~!@* fucker.*!@**!@*! i have really bad cramps.. so i didnt dress, and i played anyway, we played volley ball. Lol. it was great. and i was yelling at tanya and shes like justin calls me everyday and he likes me and he said youre nasty and he hates you and im like uhh u wish nasty ass whore. so i got done yelling at her, and i was like DONT CALL MY CELL FONE YOU DUMB FUCK LOOKING FOR MY BOYFRIEND because justins cell fone is now my cell fone according to me and Him and everyone else. Lol. i was like u fag he has to get a new number bescause he dosent want u calling hiM! hahahah!!! he hates her sooo much he NEVER talks to her! shes living on fantasy island because shes dreamin!! Lol! so yeah. thats about it.

someone stole money in justins teen foods class, and everyone is blaming candice, while latiffia saw katie do it. oh well tiffy told. :)<3 im glad candice isnt in trouble because shes great.<3

so then we had english*!@*~!*@~! we finished romeo and juliet, we watched the end of the movie. oh my god, i own the fucking thing, it just brings back so many memoriez with alison.. we would watch it in her basement and start crying before juliet shoots herself. and every time we would hope it would just change the ending jus because we wanted it to change. Lol.. awww. i was about to cry, i love that movie.

last period was biology, my head hurt so bad i was like falling asleep but i was still trying to pay attention, we just wread and shit.. not much going on there. alicia was being nice to me :/

ok so i was supposed to walk home with Jim.. and i couldnt find him and i didnt know ANYONE to walk home with, so i saw josh and jason and i walked with them for a little bit then walked and i saw bryan and walked with him till we got to my street. i should have asked him for a ciggerette because it was kinda a long walk, and i didnt feel good, and i was cold as hell. :/ i NEVER smoke, but i think im going to tomarrow on the way home just to see what justin does. hes walkin me home and coming over. valentines day thing i gess.. im giving him his shirt. i already told him what i got him. its alright i dont care. hes coming over and haning out with me and thats ALL that counts. i hope hes half as sweet as *NICK* was on friday<3 i loved it. but i love justin, nicks just my good friend. Plus hes 4 years older than me and justins only a year and a half.

well anyway. after school i came home and i COULDNT GET THE DOOR UNLOCKED!!! i was convinced i had the wrong key so i was kicking the door and yelling and shit. so then i walked up the street to cool off and then i walked back, tried again and sat in the truck. brrrr it was cold. luckily we had blankies in there :) its my truck<333 so i covered up and my dad pulled in and we went in the house. Jus called and we talked, ate popcorn, talked to mom about dan *i saw him last night w.o a shirt on, you can see in their bathroom from our kitchen* LOl. and talked to jus some more. then i went with my mom to target and bought new bed sheets, they are lepord~!@* whoo. the comferter is washing now, so im going to be all nice and seksee tonite. im all excited lol. and i got polar ice gum<3, a frame that says Love on it and its for me and justins picture, a new pillow and uhh i think thats it. then we went to wendys and i got chicken nuggets, fries, and 2 burgers ketchup only!**!*!* lol thats me and lacys thing from PA!! EXTRA KETCHUP! hehe. i love wendys. my moms putting my sheets on my bed now, and im convincing her to get me a paid account!!! lol. well im going to go, im talking to MY MATT again!*@*~!@* yaye!*@*~!@* happy bday stephie even tho i told you like 320473 billion times!!! hmm wheres my casey today? ooo my sheets are friggin sexy!! lol. oh well im going.. Love youz


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[12 Feb 2002|09:19pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I am ELMO.

I'm cute, cute, as a button!

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haha im talking to kayla and she just says out of the blue:

KayLa: i love ya if anything happens to u cause those fuckers are in our counrty
CheLsey: lol i love you too!!!!

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*Dance Tips By Sheila of Chickenlegs.net* ( its a cool site if youre bored, but it does show nudity, gross stuff, but its very funny. they make fun of everything. )

step 1
stick your arms straight out in front of you.

step 2
bend your arm up so that it forms a 90 degree angle. careful, this is the tricky part.

there it is folks, turn on some beastie boys or nelly and you are ready to
go. you will find that sorority girls wont be able to resist you with your new stellar dance moves. guys will want to highfive you for being such an awesome dancer. shine little star, shine.

me and casey got in a fight earlier but were ok now. OMG I GOT TO LEVEL 2 IN PORNO ISLAND! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL casey found it on some website www.chellecam.com/roms and downlaoded it. you should!!! its way funny! and you can download kirby and mario and all these other cool nintendo games. heh. well anyway. i took another bubble bath because i felt sick, and justin called. ugh! i was waiting ALL damn day for him to call and he calls when im taking a bath. GREAT! i talked to him online for like a second.. hes like im at tower city, call my cell. so i called and he didnt pick up. thanks jus. ooo amandas on. she was telling me today i have no friends. i was laughing. shes like im never going to see you or aaron again so i dont care!*!**! all dramatic and stuff, i was like ok sweetheart. she was being a retard. whatever. im going to school tomarrow i think. i dont want to. but i*ll prolly go. i wanna see justin....... blah. yah i know. im talking to alex, and his U button is broke. aweee poor kid. hes like i tho-ght yo- wo-ld -nderstand! lol its SOOO cute! i asked him if he was trying to make a point because he was making everything slang before, he was going i thoght yew wood yhdastand. HA!
aLeXXX: yea i kno i got a ghetto ky board
silly child. alison is going out with dylan, my ex nextdoor neighbors grandson! alie used to come over when we were young and dylan would make fun of her so bad, but he liked her and me! it was SO FUNNY!!! now they are going out! thats SO FUCKING CUTE!! ha!!! i remember kissing dylan in my basement in 4th grade!!! haha, we were playing barbies. oops, i just told the world a popular kid played barbies and kissed a dork. haha. oh well JOY TO THE WORLD! lol. well im going.


jesus loves casey but everyone else loves her asshole. haha i said that to her and im like;

haha i said that wrong! but i said it right! i said it like that on purpose! hahah!!!

im lame. i know.. hehe.
*kiki _____ *
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hmm [11 Feb 2002|06:12pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

i was going to stop writing in Lj but i decided not to.

this morning i got up and took a bubble bath and read chicken soup for the teenage soul :) havent read that in awhile. then i just layed around and talked to casey. I ended up re-aranging my room twice today and i like it how it is now. me and my mom went to giant eagle and now were home. she called aol and i have my aol back!!! yey!! :) so happy! oh well. im going, not much to say! and my sexy niki is doin my journal!!! im going to go do my profile :) PUNKPANTHER17<~ check it out :P

kiki lorraine

Ps: i saw dan, hes frickin hot!!!
pps: justin might come over!

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mmmhmmm [10 Feb 2002|07:26pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well justin has informed me that ASHLEY is giving out my livejournal addy.. uh huh. yeah, real cool. im so excited! he told me how all these people read it and i prolly wouldnt like it so he told me to change my addy or something. im not sure if im going to change the user name or just make this friends only.. someone help. and FUCK ALL YOU NOSEY FUCKERS WHO READ THIS :) ~@*~!@~! IM SO FUCKING GLAD YOU HAVE A LIFE!!! THAT YOU HAVE TO COME READ MY LIVEJOURNAL. YEAH YOURE COOL.

<333 chelsey

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moving~!@* [09 Feb 2002|07:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well sick kiki went to bed at 7:30 yesterday after she ate her dinner~!@* ;D and woke up today at 7:30. at 8:15 me and my mom went to mcdonalds and JIm was working! then we went and picked up the van and i got to park the car*~@*!~@*~!*@ i was excited. i did a good job!@ so then we loaded up the van and the truck a buncha times, then we went back to my house and my cousins came over and we all helped out and ended up cleaning the new house and unpacking a bunch of shit. then we went back to my house and we ordered pizza and i watched happy days. i had a really bad fever so i was just chillin. my cousins left and then my aunt and uncles came over and helped us. so we went to the new house to take over a bed and some other stuff, the last of everything and my granny ended up coming over too. we all bull shitted and talked and dan came home and i was outside with my aunt and shes like "HELP ME CHELSEY HOT BABE FROM PARMA WHOS 16 YEARS OLD" i was laughing so hard it was hillarious. Nate just imed me!! well theres not much else to say, tomarrow the movers are moving our furniture ( correct spelling lol thanks greg! ) and im going to have the computer in my room so I*ll post tomarrow :) i get to meet dan~!@*!~@*!~* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i ran inside when he came home today. Lol. i was in Pj pants and a hoochie shirt! lol. im out.. later..

ilu; case face, stacy, yelly, janine, kelbel, stephie, anna, merz, and everyone else.

<3333 chelserz

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