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chelserz's Journal

3 November
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my names chelsey, but my friends call me chel~bel, chelserz or kiki.<3 im 15 years old, and my birthday is November 3.. Do the math and it will tell you i was born in the fall of 86. I live in parma ohio, we just moved into a new house and i love it :) I go to Parma Seinor High School *GO REDMEN* and im in 9th grade.

My best friend is kayla, i*ve known her since 4th grade and we have had our fights and battles but we always end up being friends in the end!! were so much alike its not even funny! kay kay always remember slimmy & slimey, NO INVITATION!! no friends, fattie mcfat! auto response from kia833: BRB DOING SOMEONE! hahahahaha were 2 funny love ya babe!<33 BfFL

some of my other best/good friends are; Kelly ((foxykelbel864)) kelbel & chelbel sistaz 4ever bffl<33 love you! Stephanie ((_stephanie_)) your my big sis and im your litto sis forever <3 love you! bffl! Janine ((sweetpixie22)) hahaaha love you boyfriend after a day! haha best best best best friend of them all! love you, BFFL!! *n* last but not least jenna ((jennahenna)) my best dork~!@* bffl love u!!! they are all some of my really good friends who i have gotten really close with l8ly and they know me really well. they always give me advice and are always willing to talk or hear me bitch lol and they know im the exact same way for them :) i love you guys, your fuckin awsome! :P

i have a lot of friends on lj and i feel wicked bad leaving ya out so here im going to TRY to put all your names down dont be mad if i forgot ya just tell me: greg kel~bel stacey tara doug skyler janine jason sunni laura dana ashleyZ kristie jen brenna sophie stacy megan rachie dylan nikki emily yelly rhi stephie missy jenna erin shammy meredith sabraka anna samie shlee jessie casey and mandie candie! i love you guys!

this world is much to dangerous for someone lacking luck like me...i'll be at the end of the longest line...thats where i will always be!-NOFX

Lord, Let me laugh again..But never let me forget I cried..

*i love making new LJ friends, so feel free to comment and add me to your friends list!<33*

turn me inside out, make my heart speak, need no1 else, youre all i need, personality, everything you do, makes me love everything about you youre one in a million!*

It takes a boy to break a heart, But a Man to pick up the pieces and put it together again.<3

Listen baby!! aint no mountain high, aint no valley low, aint no river wide enough baby! if u need me call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far, dont worry baby, just call my name, i*ll be there in a hurry, you dont have to worry, Cuz baby there aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough, aint no river wide enough, to keep me from gettin to you babe!<3

Having only a few friends that care, is better than tons of friends who don't.